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Real Estate

♦ Defining Bill of Materials (BOM) with Budget

♦ Mapping & Defining project management with Budget defined in BOM

♦ Defining Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

♦ Defining Work Order

♦ Indent as per Defined BOM

♦ Enter into Quotation for Comparative Statement

♦ Make purchase order / Work order on based on CS

♦ Make GRPO against defined purchase order / Work Order

♦ Purchase Bill Generation against GRPO

♦ Transfer of Materials to Work Contractor’s go-down(Sub-Contracting warehouse)

♦ Issue Materials against work done or consumption

♦ Handle Apartments through Zone/Tower Master

♦ Application through Customer Details

♦ Advance (Booking) Invoice Generation

♦ Receipt Money against Advance (Booking) Invoice

♦ Auto Flat Booking calculation

♦ Invoice for Allotment Milestone Generation after Adjusting Advance (Booking) Invoice

♦ Payment Receipt against Allotment Milestone

♦ As per Billing Priority Milestone Invoice generation One by One

♦ Payment Receipt against Milestone Invoice Done as per revenue head

♦ Before apartment handed over process the following Amendments can be done:

               » Area Change

               » Buyer Change

               »  Name of Applicant Change

               »  Revenue Head Change

               »  Booking Amendment

               » Booking Cancellation

               » Apartment Change

♦ Allotment Letter Printing

♦ Inter unit receipt/payment entry through Banking Module

♦ BS, TB, P&L for each Company from a group of Companies’ database

♦ Money Receipt prints out as per priority of Revenue Heads.