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Business Automation with SAP Business One

SAP B1 Cloud over SAP B1 On-Premise


bullets1    It’s easy

bullets1    It’s fast

bullets1    Requires only Internet connection

bullets1    Unique RDP Account

bullets1    Bind SAP user with Microsoft Account

Cloud Hosting Service


Email & WhatsApp Integration

bullets1    E-mail from SAP screen

bullets1    E-mail when document Add/Update

bullets1    E-mail sent to respective Vendor/Customer

bullets1    Purchase Order, Sales Order, Tax Invoice ,Payment Confirmation can be sent from SAP

bullets1    E-mail with pdf attachment


bullets1    WhatsApp message from SAP screen

bullets1    Message send Button in SAP screen

bullets1    Message sent to respective WhatsApp no of Vendor/Customer

bullets1    Purchase Order, Sales Order, Tax Invoice ,Payment Confirmation can be sent from SAP

bullets1    WhatsApp message with pdf attachment


Weigh-Bridge Integration

bullets1    Integration with Weigh-Bridge software

bullets1    Connect SAP system with API

bullets1    Weigh-Bridge data gets update in SAP

bullets1    Vehicle No

bullets1    Net Weight

bullets1    Gross Weight

bullets1    Weight Date

bullets1    Weight Time

bullets1    Information is update in GRN

bullets1    Reduced manual intervention


Mobile App(Purchase Request)

bullets1    Mobile App for Purchase Request form site

bullets1    Two way Integration

bullets1    Auto Sync Item Master & Item Stock in Mobile App

bullets1    Request from App

bullets1    Purchase Request gets update in SAP


Bar Code Integration

bullets1    Tag Bar Code to your Item master

bullets1    Scan & Update Bar-code in the Database
bullets1    Option for Bar-code tagging during

bullets1    Sales Order

bullets1    Delivery

bullets1    Print Bar-Code Sticker from SAP


Bulk Payment Wizard

bullets1    Bulk Payment option

bullets1    Multiple Payment in one go

bullets1    Payment to multiple vendor/supplier with ease

bullets1    Option for multiple payment method(Cheque, Bank Transfer , Credit Card)


Online Purchase Quotation

bullets1    Purchase Quotation Automation

bullets1    Mail sent after Enquiry

bullets1    Vendor Receives Enquiry link by mail

bullets1    Option for vendor to fill up the link with quotation details

bullets1    Automatic Update SAP document with vendor detail

bullets1    E-mail configuration option


Quotation Comparison

bullets1    Direct Purchase Order from Sales Order

bullets1    SAP works for you

bullets1    SAP will compare your Purchase Quotation

bullets1    SAP give you the ‘L1’

bullets1    Comparison option

bullets1    By Vendor

bullets1    By Item

bullets1    Auto Purchase Order to ‘L1’

bullets1    Print Purchase Order


Bank Reconciliation Statement(BRS) Integration

bullets1    Purchase Quotation Automation

bullets1    Customized BRS module

bullets1    Two way integration

bullets1    Bank Book Wise Report

bullets1    Reconciled & Un-Reconciled Report


Bulk Invoice Generation Wizard

bullets1    Direct Purchase Order from Sales Order

bullets1    SAP works for you

bullets1    SAP will compare your Purchase Quotation

bullets1    Create multiple invoice with Document Generation Wizard

bullets1    Option for invoice against

bullets1    Sales Quotation

bullets1    Sales Order

bullets1    Delivery

bullets1    Summarize Invoice from multiple Sales Order

bullets1    Create Invoice for multiple customer

bullets1    Option to create draft Invoice


Auto Purchase Order from Sales Order

bullets1    Direct Purchase Order from Sales Order

bullets1    Purchase Order creation when Sales Order added
bullets1    Option to save draft Purchase Order

bullets1    Option for Print PO directly

bullets1    Time & Man-Power saving

bullets1    Effective for Trading Business


Condition Based Alert

bullets1    Direct Purchase Order from Sales Order

bullets1    Alert message of your choice

bullets1    Alert on your SAP dashboard

bullets1    Customizable time for alert firing

bullets1    Alert by E-mail

bullets1    Alert of daily activity

bullets1    Alert for specific user or department



bullets1    E-Invoice module integration with SAP system

bullets1    Automated link of SAP & Govt. Portal

bullets1    Unique Invoice Reference No (IRN)

bullets1    Option for Generate or Cancel IRN

bullets1    Choice of E-Invoice option

bullets1    Automatic

bullets1    Manual

bullets1    Multi-Invoice

bullets1    QR Code generation & Display in Invoice print


Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

bullets1    SAP calculates the Net material requirement for you

bullets1    SAP recommends Production & Purchase

bullets1    Automatic Order Creation

bullets1    Purchase Request

bullets1    Purchase Order

bullets1    Production Order

bullets1    Order forecast option available


Project Management

bullets1    Total project planning with SAP Project Management

bullets1    Multi Stage & multi Task

bullets1    Multi level of Sub-Project

bullets1    Link with every activity

bullets1    Document Linking option

bullets1    Link with complete Engineering Module

bullets1    Issue & their Solution tracking during Project

bullets1    Planned vs Actual project costing

bullets1    Budget Planning


Gantt Chart

bullets1    Dynamic Project Planning tools

bullets1    Link with SAP Project Management

bullets1    No Manual Intervention for Chart Creation

bullets1    Make changes directly in Gantt Charts to update project details


Relationship Map

bullets1    Track every transaction with in-build Relationship Map

bullets1    Track every step with one click

bullets1    Never miss-out of any information

bullets1    Multi-Level transaction relation


Other features & much more….


bullets1    Personalized Dashboard & Cockpit

bullets1    Chatting with Live Collaboration

bullets1    Never Miss-out of any information with document attachment

bullets1    Multi-Level Approval Procedure

bullets1    Customized & Personalized reports with SAP Crystal report

bullets1    Copy data directly into SAP transaction

bullets1    There is always much more with SAP